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Review: The New Moondance 2FN Tent by Geoff Murray

October 05, 2018

Review: The New Moondance 2FN Tent by Geoff Murray

“Last week I received a new tent from Mont, the full nylon version of the Moondance II. This tent has had a number of updates, the most obvious one being that the inner is now full nylon rather than mesh making it more suitable for use in less clement and colder weather. It also has a longer centre ridge pole and cross pole giving more internal room as well as now being symmetrical so pitching is simplified. It was very good to pitch before but is even easier now.The poles are also redesigned so that connecting the poles to the tent is simpler. All in all a really nice tent to use.
So overall it has a bit more space inside and still only weighs a fraction over 2kgs.

Moondance 2FN Lemongrass Tent in Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania by Geoff Murray

I walked up to one of my favourite Tasmanian highland areas and found a spot for the tent. Conditions were cool but the walking was much easier than my previous trip to this location a month or two ago when the snow was a metre deep.

Moondance 2FN Lemongrass Tent in Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania by Geoff Murray

Towards evening the temperature started dropping so that by the time I was cooking my dinner it was a bit below zero degrees. Through most of the night it hovered around -3 but at some stage it took a dive and my little temperature sensor hanging off a tent guy outside shivered its way down to -8 I didn’t notice the temperature nicely snuggled into my Spindrift sleeping bag.
In the morning it was good to see minimal condensation in the tent. It has some nicely placed ventilation points that seem to work really well.


I was awake at 4.45 and shortly after I was walking across to a suitable vantage point for sunrise. Conditions were clear and cold and the grass and bushes were white with frost. After finding a couple of images there I worked my way up through a stand of Pencil Pines to a south facing cliff that still harboured a mini frozen waterfall. After a couple of hours I wandered back to my tent to cook breakfast and have a snooze before packing up and walking out.

The location was sensational, the weather perfect and the tent performed superbly.

Gear used Mojo shorts, Odyssey jacket, Icicle jacket, Slinx top, Spindrift XL sleeping bag and Moondance II FN tent.”

By adventure photographer and Mont Ambassador Geoff Murray

Moondance 2FN Lemongrass Tent in Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania by Geoff Murray

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