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Which to Choose? Dragonfly or Moondance 2FN?

June 04, 2021 1 Comment

Moondance 2FN tent at Walls of Jerusalem National Park. By Geoff Murray. Dragonfly Tent on the NSW Snowy Mountains. By Nicholas Hall.

We all have tough decisions to make in life. Choosing the right tent shouldn't be one of them. But two tents in the Mont range that do cause some confusion are the Moondance 2FN (Full-Nylon) and the Dragonfly.

Both are two person tents with full-height Nylon interiors.
Both are designed for winter camping.
Both are dual entrance and dual vestibule.
So what's the difference and which is the one for you?

The Dragonfly is a robust four-season tent designed for alpine winter camping. The Moondance 2FN is a lightweight sub-alpine four-season tent designed for below-the-snow-line winter camping.

Alpinists heading above the tree-line? Choose the Dragonfly.
Camping in predominantly cold conditions? Choose the Moondance 2FN.

The reason these tents have different season ratings is largely the different pole structure on each. The Dragonfly has a slightly heavier and bulkier but far more robust three-piece pole structure. Compared to the Moondance 2FN that has a lighter weight, fast-pitch two-piece pole structure.

Not to discredit the strength of the Moondance pole structure: Stories of Moondance being the only tents standing after windy nights are not uncommon.

The Dragonfly is a little more spacious inside for the extra gear often required on alpine adventures. You can even fit three people at a squeeze.
The Moondance 2FN comfortably sleeps two campers on standard size sleeping mats.

Compared to most lightweight two person tents on the market, the Moondance 2FN is very spacious with internal measurements of 220cm by 130cm.

The Moondance 2FN uses a lightweight but durable 40 denier Nylon floor, and the Dragonfly has a more durable but slightly heavier 70 denier Nylon floor. Both feature our unique and market-leading 25,000mm+ WaterBloc™ laminated PU floor technology.

The Dragonfly has excellent ventilation with two internally accessible roof vents and full-size mesh/Nylon windows on the doors.
The Moondance 2FN has one internally accessible roof vent and half-size mesh/Nylon windows on the doors.
The Dragonfly has a little more ventilation, but that comes with a weight cost thanks to the extra fabric and extra zips required.

Moondance 2FN inner

A Moondance 2FN inner with one ceiling vent and mesh/Nylon windows in both doors

Dragonfly inner

A Dragonfly inner with two ceiling vents and full-size mesh/Nylon doors

With this much ventilation, the Dragonfly is still very useful in warmer weather camping. Though bushwalkers will appreciate the reduced weight and bulk of the Moondance 2FN.

We hope this clears up any confusion between these two tents. If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact a Mont Gear Expert on 02 6162 0900 or at customerservice@mont.com.au.

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1 Response

Gerard Blacklock
Gerard Blacklock

June 09, 2021

Both great tents – I recently went for a Kosi main range hike where we had the Dragonfly and the Moondance FN tents, both performed great and I would feel comfortable in either tent above and below the treeline during winter months.

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