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Why do sleeping bags have left & right zips & which do I choose?

January 12, 2017

Why do sleeping bags have left & right zips & which do I choose?

Many Mont sleeping bags are available with zips on either the left side or the right side. First and foremost this is to allow people of both left or right hand dominance to be comfortable in their sleeping bag.

For Right Handed People
Generally a right handed person is most comfortable in a Left Hand Zip sleeping bag (LHZ), reaching over their left shoulder with their right hand to operate the zip.

For Left Handed People
A left hand person is generally most comfortable in a Right Hand Zip sleeping bag (RHZ), reaching over their right shoulder with their left hand to operate the zip.

This is not a rule and there will be personal preferences.

Also, many Mont Sleeping Bags with opposite zips can be zipped together, quickly and easily creating a sleeping bag for two.

Even Standard and Extra Large Mont Sleeping Bags will zip perfectly to each other because of a uniform length and gauge of side zips.

A Mont Women’s size sleeping bag will zip to another Women’s size sleeping bag and also to any Standard or Extra Large size with only a small section of unattached zip on the larger bag.

If you intend on zipping Mont Sleeping Bags of different generation together, we suggest checking prior to purchase that they zip together correctly as zip production can vary slightly over time. Mont uses only YKK brand zips on all Mont products, the most reliable zips available.

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