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What’s the difference between Moondance 2 & Moondance 2 FN Tents?

January 12, 2017

What’s the difference between Moondance 2 & Moondance 2 FN Tents?

The Moondance 2 has been a favourite tent in the Mont range for many years. It is a lightweight, 3 season tent with a totally waterproof fly, an extremely waterproof tub floor and a mesh interior with excellent ventilation to keep you comfortable in 3 seasons.

But what is the difference between the Moondance 2 and the Moondance 2FN?

What's the difference between Moondance 2 & Moondance 2 FN Tents?

The Moondance 2-FN is a new addition to the Mont tent range and differs in one small but important way from the standard Moondance 2 Tent. Rather than a mesh interior the FN has a Full Nylon (FN) interior to provide greater protection in 4 seasons; cold, wet, windy conditions.

Both tents have internally accessed roof vents, and the FN version also has double doors of Nylon and Mesh to allow excellent ventilation if the weather is warmer.

Both use the highest quality DAC Featherlite NSL poles, both have a 10,000mm waterproof floor, and both have dual vestibules and doors.

Learn more about the Moondance 2 and Moondance 2-FN tent models.

The Moondance 2FN tent, a 4 season tent as opposed to the 3 season Moondance 2 tent.

Please note, we do not recommend the Moondance 2-FN Tent for alpine and/or blizzard conditions, while it will provide ample protection in mild snow you should not rely on it for alpine and/or blizzard conditions.

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