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With a commitment to quality and innovation, Camp is a leader in the climbing gear industry, providing climbers with the tools they need to reach new heights safely and with confidence. They offer a range of high-quality ascenders, designed with a focus on safety, durability, and ease of use to ensure that they meet the rigors of any climbing adventure.

At the core of each ascender is ergonomic design, resulting in products that are comfortable to use and fit well with a variety of harnesses and ropes. One of the standout products in Camp's ascender range is the Turbochest, a chest ascender that features a unique roller system for smooth and efficient ascents. The Turbochest is lightweight and compact making it an ideal choice for climbers who want to minimize their weight and bulk while still maintaining the highest levels of performance and safety.

Ready to start your next climbing adventure? Explore Mont’s range of Camp products today!