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Aeroform Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator

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The Aeroform Snake Bandage is purposely designed for the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT), which is used for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell sting.

The AeroForm Snakebite Bandage is 10cm wide and longer (3.5M) than most crepe or elastic bandages. This bandage stretches to an incredible 10m which is sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg. The unique stitching technology ensures the correct pressure is evenly applied to the entire limb. Both of these requirements are a must for the effective treatment of snakebite.

$5 from every bandage sold is donated to Wildcare, a volunteer organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and releases native animals in the Capital Region.