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Clogger Snakesafe Gaiters

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The Clogger SnakeSafe Gaiter was developed for Australia to protect against venomous snakes while still be light and comfortable to wear in hot Australian conditions.

Developed in Australia, SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters give you the protection you need when spending time in long grass, up trees or anywhere snakes are lurking. Rigorously tested by Living with Wildlife, a leading Australian herpetologist, SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters have proven their performance. All varieties of Australian venomous snakes tried to bite through - none of them succeeded.

Up to 4,000 Australians are bitten every year by snakes, with some bites being fatal. Clogger SnakeSafe Gaiters give farmers, outdoor workers and adventurers peace of mind anywhere there is a risk of snakebite.