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Dynafit Beast 14 Binding 105mm

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The Beast 14 gives you the right tool for the job - plus more.

The little bro of Dynafit s burly Beast 16 drops weight by using the lighter toepiece of the Radical 2.0 and lighter springs at the heel, but with a maximum release value of 14 all but the biggest freeriders will be able to stay in this one. Coming in at 795 grams, the Dynafit Beast 14 Ski Bindings will let you stomp the uphill and leave your confidence intact for smoking the down. A rotating toe piece allows the boot heel to move a bit laterally before forcing the toe wings open, greatly increasing elasticity, while beefy, spring loaded heel pins give you that extra margin of retention in the forward direction. Good luck finding a 14 DIN frame AT binding that comes within a pound of these babies. And yeah, Hoji uses them.