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FTC Meteor 2

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The famous MÉTÉOR throwbags have been fully redesigned and improved. The range is now complete with a range of weights, ideal for every throw technique!

The MÉTÉOR 2 are innovative throwbags. They are made up of a metallic core and a polymer shell with 2 densities. The drop shape gives them a great precision and dynamism, with a very high resistance for a powerful throw and a much longer lifespan than with fabric bags.

The MÉTÉOR 2 contains no lead: no more lead balls spread in nature by a damaged throwbag.

The compact, streamline shape helps manipulating the bag in the tree. It is easily spotted as well, with the high visibility colours and “checkered effect”. The profile of the ring and its oblong section help fixing the line and prevents it from slipping.

The MÉTÉOR 2 is equipped with a ring, with the insertion slightly lower than the tip - which lowers the rotation axis. When the throwline is pulled, the bag actually tips over around the axis and is easily pulled out of crotches. All the field tests showed a great ease to manage through tight crotch.

They are very dynamic and accurate, which means that they shoot very fast and depending on the rebounds they can come back fast as well. As with all throwbags, it is recommended to use PPE (helmet, glasses and gloves). It is also essential not too try to catch a throwbag after it has been thrown. The MÉTÉOR 2 is faster and more efficient than the traditional fabric bags. To compensate, it is possible to use the weight under the one usually used in textile. The bags have an aerodynamic shape and do not vibrate in flight, which means that even on a windy day they will not deviate from their initial course. The aerodynamic design also helps saving energy - to reach greater heights with a lesser effort.