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Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml

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Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml is the No.1 easy to use, safe, high-performance cleaner for wet-weather clothing and equipment.

Here's the solution for any wet-weather clothing or equipment that seems to be soaking up water and less water-repellent than when you first bought it.

Nikwax Tech Wash® cleans, revives breathability and water repellency.

Use Nikwax Tech Wash® when your waterproof clothing and equipment soaks up water.

Your waterproof clothing and equipment could be soaking up water because the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) has been compromised by dirt, or because it has been cleaned with a conventional laundry detergent. Dirt attracts water and household detergents leave water attracting (hydrophilic) residues, leading to fabric 'wetting out' in wet or damp conditions.

If your waterproof clothing or equipment is relatively new, or recently treated with a Nikwax waterproofer, then cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash® will not only remove contaminants, such as dirt and residues left behind by household detergents, but also revitalise DWR.

Application in a washing machine is quick, easy and ensures that the whole garment is thoroughly cleaned.