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Red Chili

Red Chili Puzzle

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A performance-orientated climbing shoe developed for adolescent climbers, the Red Chili Puzzle is a balance of sensitivity and stability.

The dilemma: Aggressive, scaled-down adult climbing shoes vs stiff and passive children’s climbing shoes. The solution: The Red Chili Puzzle. Developed for the ergonomic and anatomical needs of growing feet, the Red Chili Puzzle incorporates features tailor made for the young climber. To promote children’s natural behaviour of “grabbing” climbing holds with their feet, the Puzzle features a deeper edge in the toe box. Additionally, it’s heel is narrow and straight so as not to excessively irritate the Achilles' heel.

Whilst supporting and promoting young climbers feet, the Red Chili Puzzle performance- orientated form makes for the perfect shoe for future climbing stars. It’s moderate downturn provides sufficient pre-tensioning to pull on even the smallest grips on overhangs, and an innovative one-piece upper with an integrated knitted tongue creates a snug sock-like fit.