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Source Gobi Men's Sandal

Oriental Brown/Red
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Super durable and comfortable sandals.

If you roam the trails every day and you’re outdoors most of the summer, the Gobi sandals are just what you need: Extremely durable and comfortable, handmade to Source’s standards of quality. Put on your pair of Gobis and go experience any adventure you fancy – anywhere in the world.

The rubber sole with exceptional ground grip, a shock-absorbing foam layer, rubber pads to prevent slipping of the foot, and padded straps make this the perfect sandal for any terrain in all conditions.

With tri-level fast-drying straps made of soft tubular polypropylene, its inner layer continually moves moisture away from the skin, keeping feet dry and cool, while the middle is a soft EVA foam to give a cushioned feel; the outer layer is made of heavy-duty polyester for high-abrasion resistance.