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The Red Curtain

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Climbing can be difficult to comprehend. Climbing on Mars would certainly add a whole new dimension.

In 2006 whilst exploring a rocky outcrop in Antarctica scientists make a geological discovery, a shard of an ancient meteor, that could save the world from catastrophe. In time it is confirmed that the sample came from a mountainous location not accessible by any spacecraft or rover, in the vicinity of Olympic Mons - on Mars. Further samples can only be accessed by climbing.

Secretly, the United States Government engage NASA and Space Force to seek out and secure source samples. Come 2043 and a team of highly skilled climbers and astronauts are tasked to do just that, to attempt the impossible and climb a big wall on the red planet. They name their route the Red Curtain and the climb is fraught with danger and difficulty that will require all of their combined strength and courage to climb. With a training program as tough as NASA can provide and fitted out with cutting edge equipment to assist in the endeavour, they embark on an adventure that is larger than life. 34 million miles from home, and with the future of earth depending on their success, they are prepared for the worst but hope for the best. It will take their best to succeed in their mission as they find themselves immersed in the most challenging environment any climber has ever faced.