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Why we use Mont Hydronaute Pro Shellwear. By Eric Philips of Ice Trek Expeditions

October 30, 2020 1 Comment

Why we use Mont Hydronaute Pro Shellwear. By Eric Philips of Ice Trek Expeditions

“Our decade-long relationship with Australian company Mont Adventure Equipment is one we cherish very much. As well as using their off-the-shelf down and fleece clothing and base layers, we are also very proud to sport their bespoke shell suits every time we step onto the polar ice.

Mont Ambassador Eric Philips, South Pole

A joint design partnership, these highly-breathable Hydronaute PRO shells have been slowly tweaked over the years to incorporate every feature needed on a long and demanding expedition and we’ve used them on new routes to the South Pole, ski expeditions from North Pole to Canada, across Greenland and on multiple shorter trips.

Mont Ambassador Eric Philips and co, South Pole.

What’s so good about them?


  • Tilt and volume adjusters on the hood
  • Storm collar
  • Chest pocket and high slash pockets that don’t foul on the harness
  • Long two-way pit zips and two-way main zipper
  • No tape sealing for additional breathability


  • No-bib braces (bibs are silly, adds another layer that needs venting)
  • Full-length two-way side zippers with long slider extensions that hang below the jacket hem for easy access
  • Fly opens from bottom to top, easier to get to
  • No zippers on waist pockets, zips are uncomfortable under a harness belt
  • Vertical-zippered thigh pockets, contents fall into your hand as you unzip
  • Articulated knees with sleeves for knee pads
  • Wide leg bottoms to accommodate thick boots

All zippers on these suits are YKK #5 Vislon Standard, not the #3 AquaGuard zippers common on most shell clothing these days, which get very stiff in the cold. Also our zippers have underside flaps so they can be operated unhindered. We designed this suit to vent on the go with polar mitts on, no stopping to struggle with Velcro’d storm flaps.

Specially designed shellwear made in Canberra

Just like you don’t see Formula One cars on the street you won’t find these shells on a shop stand. They are a flagship product made just for us. Thanks @Mont - Aussie ingenuity that takes us to the ends of the earth.

Eric Philips, Ice Trek Expeditions.

Thank you to Mont Ambassador, polar explorer and Order of Australia recipient Eric Philips.

Have you got an adventure story and photos of a recent trip with Mont gear that you'd like to see on our Blog? Then please send it to with the subject line "Adventure Story for the Mont Blog". Please note that we get a large number of submissions and cannot post every story.

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David F Flanders
David F Flanders

November 02, 2020

What kind of sled do you use, it would you recommend?

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