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Getting out in a hurry. By Kate Leeming

March 27, 2020

Kate cycling Death Road, South Yungas, Bolivia

“As you are probably aware, I had to get out of Bolivia in a hurry, in fact we caught the last flight out of La Paz before the airport and country closed. Now on my sixth day of self-isolation, I thought I'd pull out a few images of me using the Hammerhead rain jacket. It was a vital piece of equipment given the rain and windchill I had to deal with.

Hopefully, I will be able to return to South America and complete the last two-thirds of the journey once this virus is under control.

Hope you are all OK at Mont.

Cheers, Kate”

Kate Leeming in Bolivia and Peru

Kate Leeming, a Mont Ambassador, regarding her expedition Breaking the Cycle: Education which aims to inspire students to lead their schools, communities, countries, and the world in making positive change by utilising Kate’s journeys as a source of innovation and creativity.

Pitumarca to Phinaya Abre de Ja

Machu Picchu

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