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Our upside down times... By Geoff Murray

March 23, 2020 1 Comment

Snowgums in Tasmania by Mont Ambassador Geoff Murray

In these times of uncertainty and turmoil, the Wilderness still sits in the background. Quiet, boisterous, peaceful, serene, feisty and magnificent. It’s many moods continue. It doesn’t know about a virus, or the stock market, or any of our other problems (apart from Climate Change). It is still a fabulous place to escape to and just be there.

Yesterday I visited my favourite patch of Tasmanian Snowgums. It seemed a good time to go as there had been a fair bit of rain and that usually brings the colour out in the bark of these fabulous trees. 

I parked my car and walked into the forest. All I saw in front of me was lifeless grey trunks. Bummer. Oh well, I decided to take a wander through the trees anyway. What I had forgotten was that I was facing the weather so the dry side of the trees was also facing me. As I worked my way up the slope through the boulders I began seeing some beautiful colours on the weather side of the trees. The classic reds, yellows and oranges that these trees sometimes display. 

I stopped at a good vantage point of a couple of very special trees and looked around. Today the weather could be described as “feisty”. In fact it was blowing a gale with the occasional scudding rain shower thundering through. The Bush was Alive!

Colourful snowgums in Tasmania by Geoff Murray

The wind was rapidly blowing the trees dry so I donned my Mont waterproofs and sat down to wait for the next blast of rain to get wet….It didn’t take long and I managed to grab a couple of images before the bark was gale dried again.

Sanity still prevails in the Bush!

Colourful snowgums in Tasmania by Geoff Murray

By adventure photographer and Mont Ambassador Geoff Murray.

1 Response

Jochen Kruse
Jochen Kruse

May 07, 2020

Snowgums enshrouded in a blaze of magnificent colours. One of the finest photographs of nature I have ever seen. Congratulations Mr. Murray!
Jochen Kruse
North Balwyn, Vic.

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