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New Warmlite XT-R Series Sleeping Bags

October 01, 2019

New Warmlite XT-R Series Sleeping Bags

Made with a 100% recycled Hydronaute XT-R Shell and a 100% recycled silk-touch Nylon lining, bunker down and stay warm in conditions well below what you would expect for sleeping bags of this price.

With a technical shell fabric and high loft down but only the essential design features, the Warmlite XT-R Series provide warmth in cold to extreme cold at a very reasonable price.

The Warmlite XT-R Series feature a contoured 3D hood, box walled baffles, 3D boxfoot (Warmlite Boxfoot 750 only), 3D draught tube along zips and premium 750+ loft water resistant down.

Features foregone in the Warmlite XT-R range include tuck stitched seams, Radial Arc Baffles and internal down collar.

Learn more about the Warmlite XT-R Series.

For a complete overview of Mont sleeping bag technology and to learn what features are found on different models see the Sleeping Bag Technology Guide.

Model Name Weight* Season Use Women
or Cold Sleepers
or Warm Sleepers
Warmlite 550 1060g 3 Season Bushwalking -1ºC / 30ºF -7ºC / 19ºF
Warmlite 750 1270g 3 Season Bushwalking -7ºC / 19ºF -12ºC / 10ºF
Warmlite Boxfoot 750 1240g 4 Season Alpine -9ºC / 16ºF -14ºC / 7ºF

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