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To all of our valued customers,

March 20, 2020

The Australian Snowy Mountains along the Australian Alps Walking Track. By Mont staff member Hilly

With advice to put some distance between yourself and others, we think now is the time for some social distancing adventure. Where better to put some distance in place than any number of the wilderness areas around Canberra? With that in mind, the Mont Shop Fyshwick will be open normal business hours if you need gear for your social distancing adventure.

Why normal business hours when many other retailers have reduced hours? By maintaining normal business hours, as opposed to reduced business hours, we’re able to effectively reduce the number of individuals in-store at any one time.

While the Mont Shop Fyshwick will be open normal business hours, it is important that our staff and customers feel safe. That is why we’ve put a system in place for staff who have recently travelled, been in close contact with recent travellers or who are feeling at all unwell, to stay at home. Our staff are following strict guidelines on personal hygiene and we respectfully ask that our customers do the same. Our doors are propped open, and frequent customer touch points are cleaned often with appropriate disinfectant.

For those uncomfortable at the thought of shopping in-store you can order online to have your order shipped or call the Mont Shop Fyshwick for your order to be brought out the front for you to collect.

Mont Adventure Equipment is a locally founded, owned and operated Canberra business. Our staff are experts in all things adventure and can provide sound and honest advice on the right gear for the job. Trusted in the wild since 1981.

The Mont Team

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